Financial Mediation

Separation almost invariably creates a financial strain. The climate between may well invite distrust. You need information about your legitimate expectations when assets, income and pensions are to be divided. There also needs to be open disclosure of the financial position.

However you, the separating couple know better than anyone else what your respective needs and aspirations are. By considering the financial issues with an experienced mediator you can achieve the most appropriate settlement quickly and far more cheaply than by litigation which can a result in a judge imposing a solution that nobody wants.

An experienced and qualified mediator can provide the relevant information and help enable communication to resume.

Approaching the financial issues in this way minimizes the acrimony which can embed itself in the lives of adults and children.

In family mediation an agreement does not become binding until legal advice has been taken and it sometimes a good idea to keep in touch with a legal adviser throughout the process.

Financial mediation is done through a series of meetings to ensure we get the best possible results for both parties. If you are in need of financial mediation then we can help!

Our financial mediation service will be set in a safe and neutral place, where both sides can be listened too and considered. It is a lot cheaper that going through the courts, but just as effective.

If you would like more information about financial mediation then please do not hesitate to contact our team today.