Family Mediation

Family mediation is generally the best way forward for those involved in the difficult process of a separation or divorce. Mediation can also be useful in disputes between siblings, between parents, children and grandparents.

We have been successfully offering family mediation since 2004. We offer mediation at St Ann's Clinic1/2 St Ann's Passage, off 36 Westfields Avenue, Barnes, London, SW13 0AX. There is ample and pleasant accommodation so that we can arrange a move into separate rooms if necessary. Mediation at 4 Chesterfield Road, W4 3HG is also possible but the venue is less suitable.

Offering a Confidential Family Mediation Service

Family mediation is a voluntary process where couples or families receive professional and impartial information and support, in reaching agreements about difficult issues such as; money, property and their children. If you are in need of family mediation then we can help!

Family mediation offers the chance for couples and families, to discuss matters together with the assistance of a mediator. This can help with moving on and facing the fact that that the relationship has changed. Resolving issues sensibly then becomes much more feasible

Contact us for More Information About Family Mediation

Our family mediation service is a confidential service, that is offered to ensure our clients get the most from our service. If you are interested in family mediation and would like more information, then please do not hesitate to contact us.